Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I MADE a great escape

I started feeling it a little while ago. This niggly, restless feeling. This dry, scratchy feeling like something was just not right. It came to light when a friend of mine took two weeks off work to recharge, on the basis that they felt they weren't performing at 100% at their job. It made sense. one of my favourite quotes from Author Austen Klein : go away so you can come back

 So I did. I took time off work, grabbed some friends, booked a house and ran away for a three day weekend. We didn't go far - we didn't really have to. We drove over the hill to the Wairarapa  with the intention to chill and relax and made plans not to make plans but to go with the flow. We drunk a lot of famous Wairarapa wine, we ate gourmet food and home made cake and foreign candy and we drunk lots of tea. We played word games and listened to music and watched movies and talked about life and love and lots of stuff in between. We laughed a lot, we wandered a little, we dreamed about houses we might one day own, we joked about not going home. And we filmed some of it!
I've fallen a little out of love with my digital camera at the moment (it has everything to do with the fact that I use it mostly for work) So I shot 35mm film and video all weekend. And the shots are shaky and the lighting is all over the place and I edited it together and I love it because it reminds me of how great the weekend was. I think that that's okay - it feels organic and imperfect and that's kind of how memories are made anyway. Will be planning mini adventures more often I think!

The Great Escape from What Hannah Made on Vimeo.

Also - Thanks so much for the huge response to my last post. You guys make my day when you take time to connect and send me messages and share my scrambled brain dumps disguised as blog posts. Thanks you, truly humbled by your kind words. You all are builders and not breakers for sure x Han


  1. Han this is the most sweetest, most cutest, most coolest video xx

    1. Thanks so much Jess! Just an amateur bit of fun, but I like it. I'm sure I can get better haha

  2. So much goodness in this video :)